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Students write classification essay as part of their assignments. Classification essay are used to classify or group things in a particular order. Students are required to find the categories to put the items being classified. Most students do not know how to write a classification essay. Classification essay is different from other essays as it needs the students to use a certain format and principles.

The student is required to know the principles that govern classification of items before writing a classification essay. This makes it easy for the student to classify items. Majority of the students have performed poorly in their classification essay because they write essays that do not meet the guidelines identified by the instructors.  Students are required to follow the guidelines below when writing the essay.  A classification essay should have a thesis statement like other essays. So, the student is required to choose a thesis statement for the essay.

The thesis statement selected should be inline with the topic of the classification essay. Students who select the right thesis statement find it easy to categorize their essays. This in turn leads to good performance as they perform well. On the other hand, students who do not select the right thesis statement find it hard to write the classification essay and these results to poor performance among the students.

 Thesis statement for classification essay is different from the thesis of other essays. The thesis statement for a classification essay should consist of the topic being analyzed and how the topic is classified. In this case, the student should state the topic and how it is classified in a single sentence. In addition, the student should include the categories used to classify the topic if necessary. Stating the topic and the classification makes it easy for the reader to understand what the essay is about. This also motivates the reader to continue reading the rest of the essay.

 After determining the thesis statement, the students are required to determine the categories to use when classifying the items. The student should include the necessary categories when writing the essay. The categories included should be consistent with the categories named in the thesis statement. Including the categories in the classification essay is important. This is because the reader is able to identify each category and the items listed under it. So, students should be careful when determining the categories to avoid mixing the categories and leaving out others.

Then the student should classify the items according to a single principle. The categories identified above should be able to fit in one organizing principle. So, the student should ensure the categories are well identified to fit in the principle. The organizing principle is how to sort the groups or items identified. The student should be careful when writing the classification essay to avoid having another principle come up. The student should support each category named in the classification essay with examples.

Supporting the categories using examples helps the reader get the message being conveyed. The examples used should be relevant. Instructors  grade the  content of the classification  essay  according  to the  categories  used, the  examples  given and the  organization. Students who have organized their classification essays well get good grades unlike those who have not. Hence, students should ensure the essays meet the guidelines above.

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