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College essay have become part and parcel of students academic life. Students in different learning institutions are required to write college essay as part of their assignments. Students taking various courses write college essay during the semester or end examinations. Writing college essay is not easy for many learners. The learners find it hard to write college essay because of various reasons first, the students find it hard to write college essay because they do not have time. Majority of the institutions have incorporated regular and part time students. The students take similar courses and examination depending on the department.

The instructors expect the students to perform well. However, the students do not as they have no adequate time to prepare their essays. The students have to study and carry out other duties besides reading. For example, the students work and care for their families. This has made it difficulty for the students to allocate enough time to do their essays. Second, the students find it hard to write their essays because they do not have access to the reading materials needed. The students are required to use different kinds of books, articles and if possible journals when writing their essays.

Only a small portion of the students are able to access such sources and thus perform well.  A large number of the students rely on class texts and notes as they are not able to get the resources. This has led to poor performance among the students as they are not able to perform well. In  addition, the  students  have not  been able  to complete  the  college  essay  because they do not know  how  to  write  college essay.

 Students writing college essay should follow the following steps.  College essay are written in the same manner like other papers. First, the students are required to select the topic for the essay. The topic selected should be good. The topic should be interesting to the learner.  Choosing an interesting topic makes it easy for the student to write the college essay. This is because the student is motivated to do so. In addition, the topic selected should have plenty of information.

Students should not choose topics that have no enough information as this will hinder them from writing quality college essay. Having enough information makes it easy for the student to support his topic well. This in turn leads to good performance among the students. On the other hand, choosing a topic that has no information forces the student to strain when explains his topic and this leads to poor performance.

 Second, students should prepare the outline for the college essay. The outline for the essay should be well developed and it should include the necessary parts of the essay. The outline of the essay will depend on the questions asked and the subtopics and topics of the essay. Third, the student is supposed to prepare a draft if it is necessary. The draft is always optional, but it is important to have one. Having draft males it easy for the student to complete his or her college essay quickly. This is because the student expounds the points that are found in the draft when writing the essay. After developing the draft, the student should write the college essay. The college essay should be prepared according to the outline and the draft.

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