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Essay topics come with different essay requirements forcing the student to learn, understand and implement these structures in their work based on their appropriateness. These structures apply also in example essays. So for any example essay assignment one must students must ensure they follow the appropriate structures based on the provided instructions. To begin with, example essay structure best begins with a thesis statement or the main argument for the topic. This forms the basis from which the student will argue their point and support them.

In the structure of example essays, the main argument or thesis if followed by three points to provide relevant evidence of the main argument. This shows the student’s understanding of the given topic or concept. Lastly, example essay structure must show the take of the essay at the end. With any topic, the conclusion of the essay is not visible without the student better understanding the topic and using only relevant information in the body of the essay.

More often than not, the choice of the example essay structure is natural meaning that the student has the choice to choose any structure that best brings out their thesis statement. On other occasions, the example essay structure is defined. For instance, when the student is called upon to write about a single event in their life or experience, the best example essay structure is the narrative or chronological structure. This structure, every event is narrated sequentially. This is useful in the provision of the narrative’s flow.

In addition, all events must be provided in details to allow the reader to best understand what message is being conveyed. Several notes must be emphasized in the process of writing narrative essays. First, the reader or audience must be made aware of the sequence in order to feel the story as it move on. Again, conveying one’ point should come first as compared to the obligation to tell the story. The student should avoid focusing too much on the irrelevant parts of their narrative to ensure the reader gets the point intended in the right and shortest way.

In the conclusion, students are advised to remain reflective and so are the introductions in order to be in a position to explain what they have actually learned. Finally, the narrative example essay requires colorful use of names of persons and places. More often than not, the names must rhyme with the narration events or characters conduct. Another structure of example essays is the descriptive structure. Here, the student unlike in the narrative essay doesn’t follow the steps one by one incrementally on time.

Instead, the example essay in the descriptive structure must take the step by step procedure while describing the place, person, or thing. In the first paragraph, the student is required to provide the general description of the place, person or thing. On the other hand, the paragraphs comprising the body must provide the in-depth description of two or three or more aspect of the person, place or thing.

The last paragraph of an example essay using the descriptive structure requires the writer to conclude briefly about the place, thing or person. The last example essay structure is the cause-and-effect structure. In this structure, the student is asked life changing experience or something of great influence in their lives. Example essays with this structure, the answers demonstrate one’s appreciation of effects of entities in their development.

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