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Students taking law write law papers as part of their assignments. The students are required to write different types of law papers during the course of the semester. The students write essays, dissertations and thesis. Also, the students write law research papers, term papers and case studies. Most students pursuing law are not able to write law papers. The students find it difficulty to write law papers because of various reasons. 

First, the  students  are not  able to use  all the necessary  sources  when writing the papers and this  affects  the  quality of their  work. The students  only  rely  on their  lecture notes  and  the  text  used  in class  when writing  their papers. Students are supposed to use multiple sources when writing any kind of law papers. For example, the students can use articles, books and class notes when writing the papers. Moreover, the students can use sources from the internet. 

The students are not able to utilize the materials as they are unable to access them and thus write low quality papers. Also, the students are not able to write law papers because they do not have plenty of time to carry out research and write the papers. The students have to read, participate in other activities like games and even work. Thus, the students find it hard to allocate enough time for writing and researching. As a result the students have gotten low grades as they are not able to meet instructor’s requirements. 

Additionally, the students are unable to write the law papers because they are not aware of the steps to follow when writing the papers. Different instructors give different formats for their papers. This depends on the kind of the law paper being written. For example, thesis might be different from case studies. Students can follow the guidelines given below when writing their law papers. The guidelines are applicable to any kind of law paper.

 First, students are supposed to select the topic to be discussed. The students should select a topic that is neither too wide nor too shallow. Selecting a topic that is narrow may affect the quality of the papers. This is because the students are not able to narrow the topic. Instead, the students focus a wide range of content. This makes it hard for the students to organize the content. Also, the students are not able to limit the content to fit the number of pages asked by the instructor.

On the other hand, selecting a topic that is too shallow leads to less information. This is because the student is not able to get enough information to support his or her point. The student also finds it hard to write the maximum number of pages specified by the instructor. Hence, the topic should be selected keenly and the topic selected should be narrowed when writing the law papers.

 Second, the students should write the outline of the law papers. All law papers need an outline. The outline guides the student when completing the law papers. Third, the student should create a rough draft for the law papers. The rough draft should be well written as it is a reflection of the final copy of the law papers. Fourth, the student should write the law papers according to the draft and outline created.

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