Literature Papers/literature essays


Students taking literature courses and other courses write literature papers. The students write different kinds of literature papers. For example, the students write literature essays, term papers and research papers. Also, the students write dissertations and thesis. The students are supposed to carry out research on a certain topic and review the literature. For example, students writing dissertations and thesis are supposed to conduct a research on their topic of choice and then write the literature review. 

In addition, students taking English courses and literature courses are required to write literature papers as part of their assignments. The  literature papers  are  based on certain topics , books  and  other materials that  have been named by the  instructor or  identified by the  instructor. Most  of the students are  not able  to write literature papers according  to the  instructions  given by  the  teachers  and hence get low  grades. The students lack presentation skills, analytical skills and other kinds of skills. 

The presentation skills make it easy for the students to present their work. Students who have good presentation skills perform better than students who are not. This is because the students are able to organize their literature papers well. In addition, students who have good analytical skills are able to analyze their work well. The students analyze the literature well before writing literature papers.

Students should have good analytical skills so as to be able to identify the problem and then write the literature papers. Lastly, the students fail to write the literature papers well because they do not have adequate time. Students are supposed to have enough time so as to be able to write their literature papers well.

 Students should adhere to the following steps when writing the literature papers. First, students are supposed to identify the topic for the literature papers. The topic identified should be concise and clear. Having a concise topic makes it easy for the students to write their literature papers well. The topic should also be current and based on the book, article etc. It should be based on social issues, economic issues and even political issues.

After identifying the topic, the students should prepare a thesis statement. The thesis statement should be based on the topic identified. It should be clear and easy for the student to support. Having a difficulty topic leads to poor thesis and this affects the quality of the literature papers. Hence, the topic should be simple and clear.

After identifying the topic and the thesis, the students should read the literature or books. The students should read the books and articles keenly to ensure they understand. In case of a short story and poems, the students are required to identify the thesis statement. The thesis statement can be identified by reading the preface or first paragraphs of the story. After identifying the thesis, the students are required to identify the main characters. The student should determine the antagonist, protagonist and other characters in the story.

Knowing the antagonist and protagonist makes it easy for the student to understand the content. Then the student should identify the themes in the story. Different stories have different and similar themes. So, the student should be careful when analyzing the themes. After determining the characters, thesis and themes, the student should write the literature papers. The student can include themes and characters when writing papers.

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