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Essays are mostly viewed as assignment tools which are used in evaluating the performance and understanding of students. Essay writing exercises are simple, faster and easy to undertake and are therefore preferred by many as assignment tools. The essays are preferred as the best mode of informal assessment and as such they are mostly administered to students. Students at all levels have to undergo numerous essay writing activities, however the skill and level of writing varies at all levels. For example essay writing may start as early as fifth grade, but the writing level and techniques at this point may never be similar to writing at the graduate level.

Essay writing in lower levels of learning usually takes a creative form of writing and it is less technical in nature. However, at higher levels of learning such as at the master’s level writing is more technical and a little complicated compared to the lower levels of academia. At the master’s level there is a need for clear documentation of substantiating material and many other technical requirements in order to live up to the standards of master’s level of writing.

A master’s essay should be well written and by this I simply mean that it should have the best writing mechanics. This should include making appropriate spelling, punctuation, and grammar and sentence structure within any master’s essay. A master’s essay should have about five basic components or parts that make up a comprehensive essay. These should include an abstract, introduction, thesis statement, body, conclusion and reference section.

The first section in any master’s essay is the abstract. The abstract in a master’s essay presents a short summary of the whole paper and lays out bits of the paper in a very brief and concise format. The abstract presents a clear view of the landscape of the document. Anyone wishing to know the content of a document may simply go through the abstract and briefly get to understand the document .

The abstract is an important part because it many at times determines whether one will be able to continue reading the document or not, because it serves to attract the interest of the reader by highlighting the content of the document. The introduction section of a master’s essay briefly highlights the content of the paper by introducing the topic under highlight and the specific area of focus in the master’s essay. The master’s essay introduction is followed by the body of the master’s essay.

The body of a master’s essay details the whole content of the academic paper in a bit-by-bit order and thus makes a detailed account of the whole issue under highlight. The body of a master’s essay forms the major part of the essay and as such carries more marks in evaluation. Therefore, the writers ought to be very careful when writing the body of a master’s essay. The body of a master’s essay is followed by a conclusion section.

The conclusion section of master’s essay is briefly summarizes the content of the paper and highlights the main issues whilst making a conclusive statement about the issue under discussion. The master’s essay is then concluded by a reference section which presents all the resources used in the wiring of the essay. These are the basic parts of a master’s essay however, in some instances there may occur slight variations.

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