Narrative Papers/ narrative essay


Narrative papers constitute literary pieces that offer narrations on certain issues and topics of importance in society or academia. There are different forms of papers such as descriptive papers, argumentative papers, illustration papers and so many more. These papers specifically offer a detailed account of certain topics and they are a step-by-step explanation of all that is necessary in the explanation of any topic. Narrative papers should be clearly documented because narrations mainly serve an informative purpose which is to tell or recount a process or event in a step-wise manner.

Narrative papers are some form of historical writing in that they tell of events that already happened and as such most of them are in the past tense. Detail is most important in these papers, because it offers an in-depth analysis of a topic or subject. Narrative papers need to be sequential in nature and order is of greater essence when offering any narration within narrative papers.

Narrative papers offer a recount of events and therefore, the writer has to order or arrange his or her ideas, topics or sub-events before ordering them up to make a sequential story. The narrative papers should follow some kind of order, and many at times the narration within narrative papers has to follow a chronological order. Narrative papers have to begin their narration at some point in the past and lay out the events in a step-wise manner.

The outline of events in these papers should start from some point in the past followed by the sequence o vents that come thereafter and the narrative papers usually end up with the most recent of events within the narrative paper. Sequence and order are so far the two most important things in making any narration. Narrative papers should also strive to create a connection between the events. Listing events in these papers does not suffice; the clear outline followed by a clear connection in the sequence of events and thus helps to create a flow in the story and is thus very essential in helping the reader to have a smoother flow in connecting what s/eh reads.

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