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Students write different types of technology papers. For example, students write technology essay, research papers and term papers. Also, the students write dissertations and case studies. Most  of  the  students  taking  technology based courses are not able  to write technology papers  because  they do not know  how  write the papers.  students  are  supposed  to  have good  writing  skills  so  as to write  technology  papers.

However, the students do not have such skills. This is because the institutions do not teach students how to write different kinds of papers including technology papers. This has made it hard for the students to write the papers. In addition, the students have not been taught how to use different writing styles when writing technology papers and hence have performed poorly. The students are not able to use different writing styles when writing the papers. Students are required to use a wide range of styles when writing their papers.

The students can use APA writing style, MLA writing style and other writing styles. The kind of writing style the students use determines the quality of the technology paper. Students who use the right writing style according to instructor’s requirement get good marks. Instructors award marks for the kind of writing style used.  The instructors mark the writing style used, the formatting of the paper according to the writing style and other factors.

 Students should follow the guidelines below when writing technology papers. Like other papers, technology papers should have an abstract. The abstract is an important section in academic papers as it   informs the reader more about the paper. The abstract gives an overview of the content of the technology papers. The abstract is supposed to be less than 200 words. Hence, the students should ensure the abstract is short and clear.

The students should include the research findings   in the abstract. They  should also  state the method  used to carry out  technology  study  if  any  and also  the  purpose of the  study. Moreover, the  students  should  state the  significance  of the  study  to  different people  in the  society. Different studies have different impact to the participants and the community. So, the student should state the effect clearly.

Additionally, the  technology papers  should have  an introduction., The  introduction should  be developed  according to the content of the paper. The introduction should be detailed to help the reader understand the technology papers. Also, the introduction should have a clear thesis statement. The student should underline the thesis statement to enable the reader to identify the statement. It should also have the necessary subsections that are outlined according to the order.

The  introduction  should give  a  brief overview of the  topic being  analyzed so as to enable  the  reader  to comprehend the  technology paper. Apart from having an introduction, the technology paper should have a body. The body of the technology papers contains numerous sections.

The sections of the technology papers are arranged according to the outline prepared.  Here, the student should outline the sections and explain them according to the instructions provided by the teacher. The student should ensure the content of the body is supported using current sources so as to ensure the content is valid. Also, the technology papers should have a conclusion. The conclusion should start with a thesis statement. The student should restate the thesis and summarize the content.

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