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There are many companies that offer university essay. The number of companies offering university essay has increased due to the high demand for essays by university students. Most of the university students are not able to write different kinds of university essays. The students do not have enough time to complete their essays. 

The students spend most of the time reading, working and even taking care of their families. This leaves the students with no enough time to complete their essays and forces them to rely on companies that offer custom writing services. In addition, the students do not have the sources that can be used to write essays. Students need to use different resources when writing their essays so as to make them outstanding.  For example, the students can use books, articles and other reading materials when writing their essays.

The kind of sources students use determines the quality of their university essay. Students who use the right sources perform well.  On the other hand, students who do not use the right sources get poor grades. Hence, students are supposed to be keen when selecting their sources so as to boost their performance. Moreover, students are unable to complete their university essay because they do not know how to write the essays. The students are not able to adhere to the instructions given by the instructors when writing their university essay.

Students are needed to have prior knowledge on how to write university essay so as to be able to write quality essay. However, most students do not have the knowledge and thus write poor quality essay. In addition, the students are not familiar with the format for a university essay and this hinders them from writing quality university essay. Like other papers, university essay has various sections. First, a university essay should have an abstract. This depends on the guidelines given by the tutor. Some instructors ask the students to include an abstract.  The abstract acts as a brief summary of the content being discussed by the   students. The abstract is always less than 125 words. 

 Further, a university essay has an executive summary. This is also depends on the content of the paper and the instructions given by the lecturer. An executive summary gives the reader a   rough idea of what is contained in the whole paper.  Students who write business plans, reports and marketing plans are required to include the executive summary. The students are supposed to summarize the content of the order well so as to ensue the reader can understand it.

 Apart from having an executive summary, a university essay should have an introduction. The introduction of the essay should be detailed. The introduction section should give a detailed overview of the research topic. Giving an overview of the topic makes it easy for the reader to understand the content of the paper. The introduction should also have a clear thesis and the sections that will be covered in the university essay.

Also, a university essay has a discussion section. The discussion section is where the student analyzes the various sections identified in the introduction. The discussion section should be clear and well supported using relevant and valid references. The discussion section should also be organized well so as to enable the reader understand the content. It should also have a conclusion and reference page.

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