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Research paper writing is a basic assessment activity that every student has to undergo when in higher institutions of learning, because research forms part of the study. Before I write my research paper, I usually conduct a thorough research that involves gathering information and data which I later compile and arrange in a sensible manner, before analysis. The actual writing of the research paper is always the final thing. However, this does not imply that I find it easy to write my research paper.

Prior to the final writing one has to ensure that s/he is highly proficient and able to express ideas in a coherent and concise manner that can enable the readership to quickly comprehend whatever is being presented. When I write my research paper I usually avoid the use of very technical terms and language so as to enhance the simplicity of my work and make it easier to be understood. Adherence to strict stipulations on writing styles and their application is one of the worst areas that I always encounter challenges whenever I want to write my research paper. Additionally, the data analysis, compilation and interpretation usually present a great challenge especially when dealing with statistical information.

As a result, I often seek help from online writers that understand how to proficiently make data analysis. The data analysis part becomes even more challenging when I am required to carry out data analysis using Excel or SPS software and as such I always have to seek for help. Online writing firms have been so far of the great help to me in carrying out my tasks such as data analyses. But before I chose a company to write my research paper I have to make sure that the company is able to make high level of quality and delivery. Firstly, I have to ensure that the company which will write my research paper has a staff that is highly qualified and able to handle the kind of writing order that I deliver.

The companies that write my essay should also at least show some display of originality in the delivery of their written pieces. I would really be disappointed to deliver a piece of essay that is merely a resale to my tutors or lecturers for marking because this would definitely get me an F. Plagiarism is a highly punishable offense in the field of academia. As such, I usually require the company that will write my research paper to conduct an extensive research integrate knowledge and develop a new piece of work.

Additionally, if they have to make quotations and paraphrasing when they write my research paper, I usually require them do the necessary in-text citation and referencing to avoid the occurrence of plagiarism cases. A part from high originality maintenance, I also require the companies that will write my research paper to maintain a high levels of confidentiality to safeguard my academic integrity.

The procurement of services from companies that write my research papers is not allowed within most institutions of higher learning and therefore may be regarded as a form of cheating. Therefore, if this gets known I may get penalized and my academic standing lowered, and as such I would like all my dealings with any writing firm to be confidential and privately conducted.

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