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ESL Research Paper Help Services

Are you currently a student engaged in English as a second language (ESL) studies and looking to hire the most outstanding ESL Research Paper Help Services for all your academic needs? Our organization not only seeks to make you the best ESL learner on campus but also provides you with a platform to advance to even higher ESL levels.

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If you are looking for good grades and a state of the art learning ES learning experience, then don’t hesitate to hire our Online writing services today. In this paper, we will tell, provide important information about ESL learning, and why you should consider hiring our excellent ESL Research Paper Help Services for all your ESL needs.

ESL Background

ESL Research Paper Help Services
ESL Research Paper Help Services

English is the most widely spoken language, dating back to the 5th and 7th centuries AD that was introduced to Britain by Anglo-Saxon immigrants from present-day southern Denmark, northwest Germany, and the Netherlands. English is used as an official language in almost 67 countries and spoken by over 2 billion people. The United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, the sovereign state of Ireland, and Australia are the 6 countries that use English as a native language. Since English is so widely spoken, it has become known as the world language or the contemporary lingua franca. It is the official language for maritime and aeronautical communications.

English is also the most taught foreign language. Some countries in the world have been teaching English for centuries, regardless of whether or not it is the official language. In many countries, English is the official mode of instruction, particularly for engineering, medical health sciences, and technical education. It is recognized that English fosters foster international relations, communications, integration, trade, and business. Additionally, English has been instrumental for learners in the efforts of nation-building, career growth, as well as, spreading the religion globally; or in other words, English has been remarkably useful in the economic, social, political, and religious fronts. 

Some Challenges in ESL Acquisition

Research has shown that ESL acquisition, particularly for non-English speaking individuals who are already past the age of natural acquisition. The first main challenge is interference from the native of the first language (L1), commonly known as mother tongue influence. For example, ESL considering learners from Islamic states where Arabic is the native language, the difficulty is very profound since Arabic and English dialects are as different as night and day. The sounds (Phonetics) of the English language are different from those of the Arabic alphabet.

Additionally, there are sounds in the English alphabet that cannot be pronounced effectively by any Arabic speaking individual since Arabic letters are independent and distinct from each other (that is, each letter in the Arabic dialect has an independent sound). Another barrier is cultural and religious values, particularly when English is seen to erode one’s values due to its close association with westernization. A third barrier may be when learners encounter an educator that is not proficiently trained in linguistics.

Now, these barriers may cumulatively culminate in poor academic outcomes, poor performance, and ultimately lack of progression. For this reason, it is important to consider hiring ESL Research Paper Help Services that will not only guarantee you excel in your L2 studies but also provide a platform for you to grow and develop linguistically. Consider hiring our outstanding ESL Research Paper Help Services today for the following reasons.

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