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Writing a custom thesis is a difficulty task for many students. A large percentage of students in the university are not able to write custom thesis. There are various factors that hinder the students from writing custom thesis. First, the students do not have enough knowledge on custom thesis writing. Students from different departments are supposed to adhere to a specific format when writing their custom thesis.

The departments in the institutions develop the format for the thesis. However, the students are not able to follow the format clearly. This has affected the quality of thesis the students write.  It has also affected their performance in school as they write wrong custom thesis. Second, the students have found it hard to write good custom thesis because of lack of tine.

The students are unable to spare enough time to complete their papers. This has resulted to poor quality thesis as the students do not carry out enough research when writing the thesis. Also, the students do not have time to complete their thesis and thus write thesis that are disorganized.  In addition, the custom thesis written by the students have grammatical mistakes. The grammatical mistakes result from poor sentence structure and tense. Students are required to be keen when writing their custom thesis to avoid such mistakes.

Third, the students are not able to complete their custom thesis because of lack of sources. Students can use different sources when writing their thesis. They can use books, auricles and even journals. The kinds of sources used determine the quality of the custom thesis.  Low quality sources lead to low quality thesis. On the other hand, high quality sources lead to high quality sources and thus, students should select the sources well.

Students should follow the following tips when writing their thesis. The tips are applicable to all theses regardless of the course being pursued by the student. The first step in writing a thesis is to select a topic. Students are supposed to select a topic for the thesis. The topic selected should be inline with the course requirements. Students from different courses write different kinds of custom thesis. For example, nursing students write nursing thesis. Education students write education custom thesis. So, students should be careful when selecting the topic. The topic selected should not be broad or narrow. Hence, the topic should be clear and have sufficient content.

The second step in writing a thesis is developing an outline. The outline of the thesis is developed well as it guides the students when writing the thesis. The outline should include all the sections that the student’s thinks should be in the thesis paper. Third, the student should develop a rough draft when writing the thesis. The rough draft should be well developed and detailed. The draft is used when writing the thesis. After developing the rough draft, the student is supposed to expound the content of the draft.  The student should expound the sections named in the outline and the draft. The sections should be detailed and supported using relevant content.

 In order to support the sections in the custom thesis well, the student should only choose recent sources. The sources used should not be more than ten years old as they might be invalid. They should also be referenced well and the in text citations should be correct.

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