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Custom Written Essay/ pre-written custom essay

The number of firms offering custom written essay has increased because of the high demand of. Students pursuing different courses get custom essay from companies that offer custom written essay services.  The students are not able to complete their custom essay because of lack of enough time and resources.

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The students are not able to access a wide range of sources that are needed to complete the essays. For example, the students cannot access books from the internet. This has forced the students to use lecture notes when writing their essays. As a result the students have opted to get custom written essay from custom writing companies. The students are motivated by various factors to buy custom written essay from the companies. First, the students are motivated by the quality of the essay. Custom writing companies guarantee students quality essays.

The companies ensure students get the best essays ever and hence perform well. Second, the companies guarantee students 100% original essays. Students who get custom written essay from the companies get essays that are original. Third, the students are assured of getting custom written essay within the shortest time possible. Though there are numerous firms that offer custom essay to the students, only a small number of the companies offer essays that meet student’s needs.

 Students should get custom written essay from our company and enjoy the benefits. Our custom writing company is the best in the custom writing industry. The company offers essays to students within the shortest time possible. Our custom writing company has developed a specific policy that governs the delivery of custom written essay to students. The date of delivery is determined by the complexity of the order and the urgency. 

Orders that are complex need a lot of time to complete. This is because the writers in the company are supposed to carry out an extensive research when writing the papers. In addition, the writers need enough time to structure their answers well and hence ensure the content of the custom written essay is valid and of high quality. On the other hand, orders that are not complex need less time to complete and can be delivered within a short duration as they are less involving.  Moreover, custom written essays that are urgent are completed within the shortest time possible. This is to ensure customers meet the deadline set by the instructors.  

The delivery time ranges from one hour to 14 days. Complex  orders are  completed within 14 day  and  simple  and  short orders are completed  within on hour, one days, 3 days  and even one week. It is the duty of the student to order his or her custom written essay early so as to give the company enough time to complete the essay.

Moreover, our company offers custom written essay at an affordable price. The cost of the custom written essay is determined by the number of pages. This is because the   cost is calculated per page. Thus students should calculate the number of pages they need and then take the total cost. The company also offers incentives to regular customers. Customers who get custom written essay from the company often get discounts and other incentives. The offers are aimed at motivating the clients and encouraging them to get services from the company.

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